I offer a complete Restoration Service for damaged, creased and torn treasured photographs.

Photographs can also be coloured or recoloured and altered in any way you choose.

For example you may wish to add or remove a person from a picture or remove an annoying feature of the composition.

My prices are very competitive and are based on an hourly rate.Most restoration work is completed in less than 2 hours. Please contact me for further details and your individual requirements.
You may email your photograph to me for evaluation and a binding estimate of the cost of restoration. I will email you back with the estimate and you will then be able to decide if you wish to proceed. You may also send me your photo/s on CD/DVD/etc and in that way your valuable original will be completely safe. I can then return your completed restoration by the same method. Please make sure your Files are in one Folder on the disk and are saved as uncompressed Jpeg or Tiff, and saved at the output size you require eg 7x5 10x8 etc.

There will be no charge for the estimate or required information regarding your enquiry.

I am also able to offer my services in teaching all aspects of digital and traditional photography.

Dorothy. Original photograph 1906

Dorothy. Restored 2006


Happy Again.